Sosua is the first and most important touristic destination of the Dominican Republic North Coast: conveniently located just few minutes away from Puerto Plata International Airport it is renowned worldwide for its wonderful white sand beaches, crystalline waters, coral reefs and amenities for tourists.

The municipality of Sosua has 49,593 residents including a large community of almost 5000 expatriates pre-eminently from Europe and North America: it offers excellent services and facilities including international schools, banks and private medical facilities. The municipality of Sosua includes the towns of Sosua, Cabarete and Sabaneta de Yàsica and it belongs to the province of Puerto Plata.

The history of Sosua began at the end of the nineteeth century (circa 1885) when the Boston Fruit Company (which later became United Fruit Company) started here a bananas Plantation attracting many workers who settled in the part of Sosua which is now known as El Batey.

When the banana plantation was abandoned (circa 1920) Sosua became almost depopulated. The rebirth of Sosua was in 1940 when approximately 600 Jewish refugees settled in the formed banana plantation bought by Rafael Trujillo and donated to the new settlers escaping from the racial persecutions of WWII.

The first visitors of Sosua from the seventies were wealthy Dominicans: they built their magnificent ocean view vacation houses for week-end getaways from Santiago on the hill behind Playa Sosua which they called Los Cerros from the name of a wealthy neighbourhood of Santiago.

International tourism development started later in the eary 1980s when the whole Dominican Republic started a new age of political stability and economic growth which attracted foreign investments and tourists from all over the world. The costruction of the Puerto Plata international airport in the early eighties was probably the single most important factor which contribuited to the rapid growth of Sosua as one of the first touristic destinations of the Dominican Republic: the first international visitors who arrived in Sosua were mainly Canadians, some of them decided to settle and these were the first foreign investors and business owners of Sosua, soon followed by Americans and Europeans who started to arrive with the first transatlantic flights landing in Puerto Plata. Sosua has now almost a 40 years long tradition of hospitality and tourism culture making it attractive for thousand of expatriates who decided to settle in the once pictoresque village tuned into a modern tropical caribbean touristic destination.

Over the last 40 years Sosua has gone through up and downs periods, the worst period probably followed the the boom of the eighties, the strong foreign investment inflows created new infrastructures and jobs but it also increased the social and economic disparities and for some years in the nineteenths Sosua attracted many sex workers and it became associated with prostitution and sex tourism, such bed reputation was not easy to be forgotten but more attention by the authorities and increasing commitment to solve the issues has almost completely eradicated the problem. The authorities, the tourist police, the businesses and the hotels have committed themselves to attract more and more family tourism: thanks to new gated communities being developed, new all inclusive resorts and new residential investments  the plan to attract an healthier tourism has succeded.

-Two Sosua  International Schools obtained international accreditation  between 1998 and 2000.

-The International Airport of Puerto Plata was renewed and expanded (2000).

-New real estate projects were developed between 2003 and 2007

-A national park (Marine Park of Sosua) was created in 2005 for conservation porpuses to protect the Sosua bay and its exceptional ecosystem.

-The 2008 global recession came and go quickly with the Dominican Republic experiencing one of the highest growth rates among emerging markets over the last 10 years.

The second rebirth of Sosua as attractive touristic destination for expatriates, families and couples  is probably one of the reasons why Carnival Cruises decided to massively invest in thr North Coast of the Dominican Republic by opening in 2015  its new cruise port called Amber Cove  close to Puerto Plata and just 30 minutes away from Sosua.

Today's Sosua has several options available for real estate investors and buyers: beach front villas and condos, ocean view villas, gated communities, family homes, several development projects and building land lots still available: to help perspective buyers focusing on the area of Sosua which best fits their needs and expectations we will describe Sosua main sectors (sectores) and neighbourhoods (barrios) with their options and opportunities: 


















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